Rick Walker

Rick joined the Profits R 4 U in June 2024. He worked 30+ years as a Pressman in the printing industry and has always been a numbers person. After providing support to Bonnie over the years in the accounting/bookkeeping world, realized that he would like to be a part of the same journey on a full time basis. His change in career was a difficult journey initially but has grown a real liking to build something special and watch it grow organically.

Bonnie Jensen-Walker, CPB, PLP

Bonnie Jensen-Walker is Founder and Owner of Profits R 4 U, which offers profit-focused cash flow solutions for small businesses.

She has a passion for making numbers make sense, as well as
seeing clients become profitable and successful. She believes that in
helping her clients reach a high level of success, she increases her own
success, too.

As a Profits R 4 U specialist, Bonnie is
trained in a special methodology designed to assist small business
owners in quickly turning a profit, paying down debt, and keeping more
of what they make.
She works with businesses to evaluate, organize, and
navigate systems for financial record keeping and profitability. Some of
her most recent client projects include:

Implementing Profits R 4 U Cash Flow Solution for bookkeeping clients so they can finally pay themselves on a regular basis plus pay themselves bonuses every quarter.Delivering bookkeeping solutions that truly match the clients’ needs.Teaching QuickBooks Online to clients who prefer to perform their own bookkeeping tasks.

Bonnie has earned many certifications that allow her to serve her clients with a higher level of expertise:

Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor (Intuit), Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB of Canada), Payroll Leadership Professional (National Payroll Institute) and Subject Matter Expert (National Payroll Institute)

Prior to starting Profits R 4 U, Bonnie owned a very successful bookkeeping business for 10 years and held many professional accounting positions including financial accountant, senior accountant, and controller. She enjoys assisting clients in all industries.

Bonnie earned her designations from MacEwan
University and Athabasca University. When she’s not working, she enjoys
hiking, being outdoors, and travelling. She also likes to research
nutritious meals for her family, as well as bake nutritious dog treats.


Julio joined Profits R 4 U Team in June 2024. He is our in-house security. He ensures every visitor is okay to enter.


Baxter joined Profits R 4 U Team June 2024. He is our Office Manager. He ensures we are taking care of business and not sleeping on the job.


Ziggy joined Profits R 4 U Team in June 2024. He is our HR (Hugs Reliable) department. He ensures we are not stressed and makes sure he shares his love to everyone.

Office: Edmonton, AB

Call 587.853.6802

Email: bonnie@profitsr4u.ca

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